Investment strategy

Public securities

By focusing on public securities we avoid paying control premium, auctions or long negotiations. We also reduce risk due to the liquid positions. Furthermore, there is a potential for faster re-valuation and a possibility to sell with a control premium to industrial or financial buyers.

Focused portfolio

Focusing on only the best ideas in order to maximise returns, we invest with deeper knowledge of each portfolio company, its industry and competitors. At the same time, we keep our investments diversified enough to manage single company risk exposure.

Small & mid-sized

Limited coverage and following of small and medium sized companies creates opportunity for larger mismatch between value and price. Furthermore, changes are faster to implement in smaller businesses due to easier management buy-in and fewer employees.

Engaged long-
term owner

We help companies make strategic decisions that will increase their competitive position, we support management in driving growth and in rightsizing and we help avoiding poor capital allocation practices by aligning the interests of shareholders and managers.